As tradition says, a good footwear factory in Portugal bets on the quality and innovation of its products. In this sense, honoring the best Portuguese footwear, in Reve de Flo we bet mostly on the production of footwear in leather, both with regard to its outer cut as well as the linings used. In addition, we have a product development office, which allows us to be totally independent in the creation of our models, from their design to their manufacture. We like that our clients feel at ease to develop with us their ideas in a perspective of cooperation and mutual aid.
Products “made in Portugal” with pride!




    +351 256 687 577
    Email: geral@revedeflo.pt
    Rua da Moura, nº 589
    Zona Industrial da Moura
    3720-070 Loureiro (Oliveira de Azeméis)
    Coordenadas GPS: 40.804229N, -8.509281W
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