Reve de Flo

The REVE DE FLO – SHOES, S.A. is a company with great experience in the footwear industry, founded in 1973, which directs all of its production to the women’s segment.

Founded as a family business, it has been suffering, over time, changes both in its name, as its owners and managers.

In the first years of activity the company marketed the brands Relevo and Riva only in the national market.

In 1985, the company starts its export activities, which would eventually proved to be a good strategy because every year the amount of successful business would increase gradually.

In 1994 the brand Reve De Flo is created, destined exclusively for the international market, and this turned out to be the leading brand and the company image.

The evolution in the footwear industry, the increasing exports and the need for improving the working conditions, led the company in 2002 to move to new and modern facilities.

While maintaining its brands, the main volume of production is for Private Labels (retail chains, catalogue brands, distributors).

Currently the company has about 50 employees, with a daily production capacity of 450 pairs. This production is almost full absorbed by the international market (about 99%), being the main destinations the countries of the European Union and the United States.





    +351 256 687 577
    Rua da Moura, nº 589
    Zona Industrial da Moura
    3720-070 Loureiro (Oliveira de Azeméis)
    Coordenadas GPS: 40.804229N, -8.509281W
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